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"Good relationships and coping strategies are the key to our success in every area of human activity, from the initial bonding between parent and child to the ability of a manager to bring out the best in his or her employees."


The revised and updated EQ Edge explores new developments that have taken place in emotional intelligence research in the past five years. The book touches on the five realms of emotional intelligence - feelings, relations with others, adaptibility, stress management, and general mood - showing how developing emotional intelligence can help create harmony in familiy life and engender success in work life. The book also presents case studies that provide insights into emotional intelligence in the workplace, taking readers through the 15 elements of emotional intelligence - including self-regard, flexibility, empathy, and impulse control - and providing suggestions for improving the less developed areas.

With the The EQ Edge, the authors help the reader enhance his or her emotional intelligence (EI). Drs. Stein and Book guide the reader to examine and discard negative self-talk that can easily undermine Emotional Intelligence. By providing everyday scenarios, such as a cancelled flight, they contrast and compare the hypothetical "Sam" who flies into a rage and fails to get to his destination with the self-aware "John" who keeps his cool and arrives at his meeting on time.

The authors use this scenario because the ways that Sam and John respond to the cancellation illustrate almost every component of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, empathy, impulse control, and optimism. Through follow-up exercises, they guide the reader to examine and change personal belief systems and negative self-talk that can so easily undermine emotional intelligence.





Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and the founder and CEO of MHS, Inc. (Multi-Health Systems Inc.), a leading psychological test publishing company and three time Profit 100 (fastest growing companies in Canada) winner. He is the chair of the Psychology Foundation of Canada, past president of the Ontario Psychological Association, former assisstant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, and former adjunct professor at York University. Dr. Stein has consulted to the Us Air Force and Canadian Forces, in addition to special units of the Pentagon, the FBI, Toronto Maple Leafs, and numerous corporate and non-profit clients. An engaging speaker, Dr. Stein has discussed emotional intelligence with audiences throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.



Howard E. Book, M.D., is an organizational consultant and psychiatrist. He is a founding member of Associates in Workplace Consultation, a former board member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, and an invited member of both the Boston-based Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and the European-based International Clinical Coaching Organization. Dr. Book holds the rank of associate professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. He is also a guest faculty member at the INSEAD School of Business in Fontainebleau, France. Dr. Book works with mid- and large-size corporations to enhance the emotional quotient of their CEOs and senior executives, as well as developing EQ programs for middle managers.























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