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Testimonials  - About the Book

“At last! A breakthrough book that proves emotional intelligence drives success in the business world and in family life. The EQ Edge delivers a practical, research based, real-world roadmap on how you can bolster the odds achieving success at work, at play, and in your personal relationships.”

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul®series and co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be®
“Most professionals agree on the critical importance of EI, but often resolve into abstract discussions and debate as to what it is, how it is best measured, etc. The EQ Edge cuts through the abstractions, not only clarifying emotional intelligence, but it goes much further in providing the reader with a practical user’s guide. After reading this book, not only will you be more EI knowledgeable, but you will know how to manage your emotional intelligence for the better, in work and virtually every other aspect of life.”
-Dr. Dan Baker, Clinical Psychologist, Canyon Ranch, and author of What Happy People Know
The EQ Edge provided great insight into the theoretical and economic value of emotional intelligence, as well as the importance it plays in effective leadership. The book demonstrates the importance of performance predictors’ in succession planning by providing practical examples and comprehensive data. It is relevant and useful for current and future law-enforcement leaders who want to build trust by sharing their vision and expressing their passion. The EQ Edge has been instrumental in my understanding of emotional intelligence and has had a great impact in the United States and international law-enforcement communities.”

-Special Agent Tim Turner, FBI Academy

The EQ Edge takes a thorough dive into the concepts of Emotional Intelligence while providing a number of practical and useful strategies that can be incorporated into your daily experiences to improve and enhance your performance as well as others around you.”
-Gena DeChant, M.A. (I/O Psychology), SPHR, Vice  President & Human Resource Professional, Wachovia Corporation
The EQ Edge is one of the few books that not only clearly defines what emotional intelligence is and how it differs from IQ, but also tells readers what practical steps they can take to enhance their emotional intelligence quotient. It applies the principles and practices of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and includes many useful techniques that can help readers lead happier and more effective lives.”
-Dr. Albert Ellis, President of the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
The EQ Edge … explains and explores emotional intelligence, taking readers through 15 crucial elements—among them self-regard, flexibility, empathy, and impulse control—with suggestions of how to improve.”
-The Globe and Mail
 “This book takes readers through a systematic journey of the 15 dimensions of the Bar-On EQ model. The book provokes self-reflection and yet is easy and fun to read because of the many anecdotes used to bring the different facets of EQ to life.”
-Chua Ping Tzeun, Psychologist, Singapore Armed Forces
“It’s reassuring to hear that street smarts may take you further than school smarts and that, unlike the dreaded IQ, they can be altered.”
-The Toronto Star
“Although a pilot’s technical skills. education, training and experience are all-important in meeting the challenges of a complex and demanding environment, it is the individual’s emotional intelligence that ultimately determines success or failure in this rapidly changing industry. Incorporating the EQ-i® into Air Canada’s pilot selection process has enables our company to identify candidates who not only possess advanced technical skills, but also the necessary emotional and social competencies predictive of long-term success as an Air Canada pilot.”
-Captain David Legge, Director, Flight Operations Technical, Air Canada
“I have found the book The EQ Edge to be an invaluable aid to more than 150 clients who have used EQ-i® as a leadership development tool. These clients have been in Eversheds, The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, E&Y, DWP, The Pension Service, Scottish Power, ICI, Hewlett Packard, BP, The Department of Health, Centrica, Astra Zeneca, Northern Foods, McDonald’s, Pearl, PwC, and IBM. It is clear, has helpful tips, and can be absorbed as required.”
-Jonathan Perks, MBE, MD Leadership Services, Penna plc
The EQ Edge is a must-read for anyone constructing an intervention or training program to enhance personal understanding and skills associated with emotional intelligence. Each chapter tunnels its way into the most critical aspects of what emotional intelligence actually means and how to achieve personal success, both internally and in our relationships with those around us. It adroitly synthesizes the research and the theory in such a way as to make the application of emotional intelligence available to clinicians and trainers alike. Developing an applied base program in emotional intelligence without utilizing this book is comparable to baking the cake and leaving off the icing.”
-Patrick Kilcarr, Ph.D., Director, Center for Personal Development, School of Nursing & Health Studies, Georgetown XUniversity, Washington, DC
“I have found The EQ Edge to be very helpful in providing feedback to students who take EQ-i® assessment here at the University of Kansas Public Management Center. Having the book organized around the 15 EQ-i® subscales allows busy students to focus on areas of improvement.”
-Marvin Stottlemire, Ph.D., JD, Assistant Director, University of Kansas Management Center
Testimonials  - Presentations, Speaking Engagements, Workshops 
Correctional Services Canada
"I enjoyed the expertise of instructor and participants - rich exchange of conversation, synergistic, an exciting cutting edge program/movement. EQ-i® is gaining credibility and integrity through capable leadership and development."
Western Union Insurance
"I found the presentation very interesting and the information presented was easily understood. I left with a much better understanding of Emotional Intelligence and the EQ-i® instruments and its applications."
DeVeer Winter Associates
"EQ-i® will make a very positive contribution to people's well-being throughout the world and this workshop has given me a leading edge in the EQ-i®."
The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous amount of time, energy and attention that went into your work for ASAE's Strategic Leadership Forum in San Antonio, TX. Your insightful thoughts regarding the development of the whole person (association executive) including the emotional were well received. It was also good to see how our participants stack up when compared to other professionals emotionally. Again, thank you for playing such an active role in making this program such a success. Your contributions to this program were invaluable; ASAE appreciates your willingness to share your expertise with our audience."
The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
"Here's just a few of the comments received after your session: "Great", "Very applicable to me personally", "Insightful, relevant and accurate", "Great use of examples". All of the participants rated your session as Excellent/Very Good. "Your participation in the Conference added credibility and class to the speaker line-up. You were a hit. Thanks again for contributing such a great deal toward the success of Professional Selling "01 and to the CPSA". I look forward to working with you again."
Vancouver School Board
"Thank you again for a stellar presentation for our Vancouver school administrators". I have received very positive feedback on your presentation and the opportunity for individuals to receive their EQ profiles".
Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA)
"Enclosed is the evaluation summary from your session at the HR Invention Convention held last month in Hyannis. As you can see, you were a big hit!"
"A wonderful workshop! Informative, current, intellectually stimulating and interactive. All of the presenters were highly knowledgeable and passionate. Well worth it!"
MDS Sciex
"Overall, the presentation was fabulous. Dr. Stein used real-life examples of EQ at work within organizational life. Our employees from various work areas thoroughly enjoyed his insights."
Additional Comments 
"It was presented in a language I could understand and in a manner that I can take and use at my work place."
"Excellent topic - a refreshing change."
"Practical, hands-on, highly professional and enjoyable learning."
"The participants found the spontaneity of your remarks to be very informative and refreshing. Your comments certainly gave them much food for thought as it pertains to "Emotional Intelligence" and how it impacts them as senior leaders. I only wish we had more time."
“Very organized; enjoyed the group data for different professions....receptive to questions and comments. Enjoyed reviewing different trends, age and gender effects. Overall, a very good presentation."
“A strong focus on the fact that we are now recognizing the non-intellective abilities as having value and making a significant contribution to increased effectiveness."  
"Highly enjoyable and interesting presentation....Was a wonderful day with great presentations, valuable experience sharing and learning."
"Steven Stein validates the importance of Emotional Intelligence beyond any doubt...furthermore, EQ-i® provides the means to evaluate, contemplate and act to improve it. The malleability of Emotional Intelligence is the magic of it!"
"Dr. Stein has a low key but engaging manner, and is able to present information in a non-technical way- enough research to establish credibility but not so much as to confuse people, and lose sight of the bigger picture. I also liked that he did not try to 'oversell' EI as a panacea for HR."
"Dr. Stein was wonderful. I can't wait to dig into his book... now if only I can find a book club to analyze and discuss it. He came across very realistic and reasonable, i.e. EI isn't the answer to everything, but its something that can be used as a good predictive tool when recruiting since recruiting is so expensive. On the other hand, there's a part of me that still believes in making human connections and that mysterious thing called instinct that tells you if the person is genuine or not.. It's great to find local experts."

























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